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Without a Face is Henry Dillard, a 22-year old from Houston, TX who started writing songs, playing guitar, and singing in the seventh grade. At some point, the kid who performed his funny songs at talent shows and on camping trips developed a strong affection for The Pixies, Pavement, Radiohead, and Bob Dylan. Somehow, Without a Face's music is all these things: a campfire sing-a-long, a high school talent show, Bob Dylan, Frank Black and more... in suburban Houston. In 2009, Without a Face joined Redbird Records & Touring for his debut album, which, yes, Henry called 'Worst Debut Album Ever' "I'm not too worried about expectations, and the title helps with that," he admits. "I plan on making many more albums, hopefully they'll all be better than this one."

Without a Face had earlier incarnations with multiple members, but Dillard decided he might have an easier time going at it alone. He started playing shows all over the state and became a regular, albeit an unusual regular, at several Texas open mics where he would occasionally play in just his underwear. Between the scantily clad performances and regularly released videos on YouTube (highlights include covers of Cat Power, Nick Drake, Sinead O'Connor, and the Black-Eyed Peas), Without a Face has rounded up a Texas-sized fan base in a short period of time. Recent tours have taken him coast to coast, and he shows no signs of stopping.

Worst Debut Album Ever includes 11 songs (and 1 prank call), and is chock full of Dillard's sarcastic and quirky spirit, calling to mind artists like They Might Be Giants, Violent Femmes, and The Dead Milkmen. "Lactose Intolerance" inherently pokes fun at heavy metal (and dairy products) while "Without a Myspace" implies that a certain social networking site might be a bit overrated. Both "The Band Broke Up (Intro)" and "The Band Broke Up (Part 2)" offer insight into why Henry is Without a Face's sole member. "Anchorbabe Stalker" is about a local news anchorwoman from Henry's hometown and "Fratford Bratford '06" is about Henry's high school days. "Druggie Love" addresses the criteria that certain women look for in a man while "31" is a love song to an older woman from a boy who's just "eight years too late." Everything on the album, which consists primarily of vocals and acoustic guitars, was performed by Henry with the exception of the dog barks, which were performed by a dog.

Without A Face
Worst Debut Album Ever


Without A Face
The 1st Album Was Better